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Open since 2002, Yoga Oasis is the ONLY school owned and operated by someone who trained personally with Bikram, Sri Pattabhi Jois, Sri Dharma Mittra and Yogi Bhajan among others 

We are a HOT YOGA studio & have been open since 2002.
Most of our students have been with us 10-20 years and keep on coming back
We have so much fresh oxygenated and filtered air, some people claim its not hot enough because the air is so clean and fresh it does not feel like most other hot yoga schools.
Come see why our system at Oasis is a cut above anywhere else!


Monday 10am & 6pm
Tuesday 7am, 10am & 6pm 

Wednesday 10am, 4:30 & 6pm  

Thursday 7am, 10am & 6pm 

Friday 10am & 4:30pm 

Saturday 8am & 10am 

Sunday 10am 

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Oasis is a 5013C nonprofit
we offer cash and check discounts
in person at the front desk
tax deductible checks to Oasis Ministry

Yoga Oasis is located at

100 Woodbury Road, Woodbury NY 11797


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Open since September 2002, Yoga Oasis offers a Medical Yoga system.
The room is heated to ensure a deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, greater circulation and reduction of inflammation. Based on traditional yoga going back in time directly from its roots in India.
Yoga practice can increase health, and can promote longevity. Many yogis are around to prove the results of practicing yoga. At the Oasis we teach the principle that yoga practice is not about getting good at yoga poses.

It is about creating a better and a healthier life.
Practicing yoga is good for your brain health, and its an experiment in changing your thoughts from stress, from negative thinking and from focusing on pain, to focusing on positive energy.

In the classes we work on learning to practice deeper breathing which creates greater health and wellness.

It is a lifelong practice, but the end result is a healthier mind as well as a healthier body. 

The heat at Oasis is a Gas powered forced fan system that is constantly filtering the air, as well as mixing in oxygen into the room to maintain the optimal level of fresh clean air during the classes.

There is so much fresh air circulated that some people feel that the room is not hot enough because the negative side affects of feeling overheated and unable to breathe just do not happen at the Oasis. 

All of our classes are all levels.

You can start with any class, and there are some students who have been with us for over 20 years because the classes are always interesting and creatively different each class. 

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