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Open since 2002 Yoga Oasis has been serving up hot yoga fresh daily. Many of the students at Yoga Oasis have been with us since we started and are still taking their daily classes. Its interesting how people in our modern day perceive yoga. Yoga is not about the exercise & it is not about flexibility. It is a total mind, body health and wellness system thats been time tested to help one achieve health for their mind, for their body as well as for their soul. And what I mean about time tested is that yoga has been around for ages and some practitioners of yoga live well into their hundreds,

like Tao Porcon-Lynch whom Mary Grace has studied with, among many others who have lived a long life showing yogas health effects.

ALL Yoga Oasis' classes are good for beginners.

as all classes are all levels. its not about the external shapes, at Yoga Oasis we teach about mindful breathing and ways to have a more positive effect on your health and wellness by not focusing on your problems, but by focusing on the solutions instead. Yoga has always been the best pain management tool, and creates a healthier brain as well.

At Yoga Oasis its like going to the brain gym.

Yoga improves focus, concentration, and releases stresses and tensions from your mind, as well as your body. 

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