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Equine Therapy

Equine therapy has been around a long time and millions of people feel the magic of horses when they are around them. I offer all types of equine therapy sessions. From basically just being around the horses, to learning how to work on the ground with horses, to basic lessons on how to ride, to two hour trail rides, I can assist you to have a mental health day at the barn. Depending on your level, I can create a program to suit you. I offer yoga classes at the barn using the fence, classes on the horse, and classes at the barn with interactive farm animals. 

I was born and raised on a horse farm on Long Island. I know the healing power of horses. I am excited to share this with you and your family. 
















at theLet me teach you all about yoga with horses.. 
I've been teaching yoga since 2000. I have been riding since 1971 as my mom and dad were horse dealers.

I can teach all ages and all levels at one time in one class. There's no need for levels of classes as i teach each person as a unique person. Im available to book for
groups and private sessions at the barn.


Trail Rides

Join me for a trail ride in some of the most beautiful parks on Long Island. I trail ride at West Hills Park, Connetquot park, and Muttontown preserve. Prices vary barn to barn but it's usually $90 for the trail ride plus a tip for the trail guide. 
Pre ride Yoga and trail rides are $100
Two hour & advanced riding sessions are more

text 516-658-1543 to book

Reverend Mary Grace                     

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