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Yoga Teacher Training

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We are the place where the teachers come to learn more about yoga.
Oasis is where we learn Yoga's foundations and its principles..
Our Yoga Teacher Trainings are based on your own schdule
and can be completed in your own time. 
a 25 hour, a 100 hour, a 200 hour, a 300 hour and even a 500 hour training training starting May 1, 2024 and can be completed by May 4, 2025




















Hot Yoga is exactly what it looks like, and so much more. It has the image of being a fitness-based yoga that offers no homage to classical yoga and verges toward being an extreme sport. Its appeal mirrors our wild cravings for ice baths, dietary cleansing, and silent retreats, in the name of life exploration. With the popularity of hot yoga in the West over the last 30 years, it’s time to dig deeper to uncover some of the universally sacred reasons why devotional practices and the use of heat have come together so nicely to help heal the ailments of the Western world. From sports injury healing to soul connection repair, hot yoga is truly a fusion that brings some major force to the holistic wellness scene.



This training is all about experiencing the transformative power of hot yoga through personal experience, and learning how to impart that experience to help others on their yoga path.

Much of the wisdom that yoga can offer to people of all walks of life comes from a yogis' application of the knowledge to their own life. Whether you are a practitioner of hot yoga for personal and spiritual development, or perhaps a teacher also, everything you have experienced can become a gift to others on their own journey.

You may talk about how yoga has helped you at work, or quietly embody the positive effects it has had on you in your home life. Just being yourself more each day and shining brightly in your sphere is what brings the light of healing awareness to this world. When you speak from a place of inner knowing, everything you share with another becomes a precious gift. This is the purpose and power of Yoga.




Module One: MAY 2, 2024 (Yoga Oasis, Woodbury, NY) 


PRICE: Investment of $555 for Module 1- 25 hours. Separate pricing for further modules at approx. $490 (at current exchange rate).


This course is about discovering the transformational power of Hot Yoga. You will learn how and why this style of yoga came to be very popular among Westerners over the past 50 years, what the deeper esoteric purpose this type of practice has, and the impact it has had on changing the perception of Yoga and our personal relationship to the values Yoga upholds.


Over this training, we will explore the historical context of hot yoga, what it offers the modern yogi, and how it creates the conditions for

deeper, more lasting personal transformation.


Who is this training for?

This training is designed to offer both certified yoga teachers and enthusiastic yoga practitioners the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of this popular practice. For yoga teachers, this 100-hour training will count towards your CPD further training hours and give you the certification needed to teach with knowledge, clarity and confidence in the heat. For avid yogis, this training will establish a strong understanding of how a hot yoga practice can be safely integrated into a

holistic yoga lifestyle for optimal health and healing.

This course will give you the foundations for:

  • Developing an exceptional level of personal practice

  • How to practice/teach Hot Yoga in a safe and effective manner

  • How to care for yourself as a hot yoga teacher/practitioner for long-term success

  • How to manage expectations and all-level student ability in class

  • How to manage difficult situations in the class setting

  • How to answer common questions and debunk misconceptions about hot yoga


You will learn:

  • Two different style yoga sequences to offer in the heat based on Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, Dharma Yoga 

  • The physiological and psychological effects of practicing yoga in the heat

  • What makes for a transformative hot yoga experience

  • The practicalities of setting up a hot yoga space

  • The best personal practices for hot yoga longevity

Each registrant will need to be accepted onto this course based on the basic level of personal practice and any relevant qualifications needed to teach hot yoga. This course is intended to be a supplement to a 200-hour teacher training course and is not a substitute for that foundation course for teaching yoga in the heat. However, this course is open to those with a dedicated yoga practice who do not wish to teach hot yoga at this time.




In Module 1, you will:

  • Discuss the origins and image of hot yoga

  • Learn the practicalities of setting up a hot yoga space

  • Learn the physiological effects of practising yoga in the heat 

  • Practice educating and supporting students for an effective practice 

  • Learn how to create, manage, and hold safe space in the heat

To secure your space for the single module option you will need to place a $150 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. 

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