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Healthy Heat- FIR InFARED

Hot yoga is so hot right now.... Millions of people all over the world are trying hot yoga, and millions are experience the results. From instant weight loss, to better sleep, to creating better eating habits, to purifying the skin, hot yoga has so many amazing results in so many participants

Did you know that the actual heater makes a difference?

Yoga Oasis uses the latest in INfared technology to heat our studio.

Fir Infared emits wavelengths of heat that penetrate deeply allowing deeper levels of sweat. People report greater weight loss, even more detoxification and removal of toxins such as mercury. lead, arsnic & metobolic wastes from the cells.

OUR sauna heaters are from the MOMENTUM98 website. Read more about the FIR INFARED heat we use at Yoga Oasis.


There are different types of heat! Fir InFARED and NEAR INFARED. they are not the same.

The ones we use at Yoga Oasis are FIR FAR infared tecnology.

The far infrared energy resonates with the water molecules which causes the water molecules to pulsate. It is like a massage of the cells in the body. This causes the cells to release their waste products and toxins. This pulsating also reduces the size of the water molecules which then because blood cells are comprised mainly of water, it also reduces the size of the blood cells. It also helps to dilate (expand) the blood vessels. So it's like if you expand a 4 lane freeway into an 8 lane freeway and you change the semi-trucks into mini-vans, you speed up the traffic.

With all this going on, you increase the core temperature of the body. This activates and mobilizes the lymphatic system of the body and this gets all the toxins out of the body. Not just through the sweat but also through the lungs, the colon, and the kidneys.

When Karen Russell sent us the report about heavy metal toxicity, the manufactures of the Relax sauna in Taiwan decided to do a study. They tested people's urine before and after using the far infrared sauna and they found out that people's levels of heavy metals would be higher after using the sauna. This is because they are eliminating the stored toxins from their fat cells.

Read below to better understand the story of how the far infrared sauna was invented

The Japanese government commissioned the company which makes the Relax sauna in Taiwan to find an energy which would approximate what happens when you go to the hot springs in Japan. This goes back to the warrior days of when warriors would go to the hot springs in Japan to heal their wounds. There is a healing energy there.

Each sauna has 2 radiators and in each radiator there are 20 of these semi-conductor chips. So this company created the semi-conductor chip which is in the far infrared sauna. It took a team of scientists 10 years to come up with a way to create this same energy that comes from the hot springs.

if you are interested in detox products, saunas and hand held infared heaters please go to for more information

Join us at Yoga Oasis for a deeper level of sweat... and a little dose of enlightenment on the side!

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