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Old story about letting go.

There was a group of monks walking along a path to get to a holy place.

There were a few monks walking along when they came upon a river and had to get across it to continue the journey. As they approached the river, one Monk saw a woman struggling to get across, so he chose to pick her up and to help her across. The monk picked her up and assisted her to the other side. When she got to the other side and got on her feet, he smiled and sent her on her way. The monks continued walking along the path on their journey. A few miles along the path one monk turned to the other and said, “I can not believe you carried that woman back there. We are monks and we are not allowed to touch woman”. The monk replied, “I only carried her across the river, I put her down on the other side. It is you that is still carrying her all this way”.

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